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Office Stem is capable to schedule and manage services of your client. It provides “at a glance” concept, where service provider is enable to see all work activities.
Office Stem is enabling to deploy your resources in an efficient and effective way. It helps to schedule and plan company’s work according to the availability of resources.
Office Stem provides an easy way to enter the actual working hours detail provided by task owner. Moreover, it will give additional option to enter comment or detail information.

Office Stem caters to the need of Chartered Accountant and Law & Corporate Firms. It’s a Service (work) Management Application which meets the specific requirements of corporate firms. This application covers the diverse nature of chartered accountant, law and other corporate services. Most of the services nature is changing repeatedly by the government notifications and circulars. Moreover, these services due dates are fixed as per norms. As a result, it’s very tedious and monitorable task to manage myriad services.

In order to maintain these distinctive services of clients, Office Stem use collaborative approach, it will collect all upcoming recursive services of clients according to their needs therefore service provider is enable to assign and manage work for their clients and Staff. In addition, Office Stem has facility to monitor and maximize resources so that they deliver work more efficiently and effectively.

Office Stem uses modern paradigm it enables to managers to prioritize and evaluate current goals, objective, target and execute those services that due dates are coming soon for that reason Office Stem provides Dashboard facility to monitor client’s services.


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